Yang Sheng

Yang Sheng - Nourishing the Life Force to Promote Longevity

Everyone from peasants to mandarins practised daoyin

Ancient Chinese texts describe how even as long ago as the feudal age (770-221 BC), "life-nourishing ways" were highly regarded and widely practised. Based on a combination of diet, traditional medicine, physical exercise and spiritual cultivation, "yangsheng zhi dao" aimed to promote a long and healthy life.

Many varied methods for achieving longevity were developed, each with different emphases, but all agreed that physical exercises was a vital component. However, the type of exercises created went far beyond the mere physical, involving the body and the mind in a unified way.

The term "Yang Sheng" within the title "Dao Yin Yang Sheng Gong" acknowledges both its indebtedness to these original techniques and the central intent of the system to provide the opportunity for serious practitioners to prolong their own lives through dedicated practice.